Videoconferences reservation service


As part of the improvement program videoconferencing services implemented by GIP RENATER, a maintenance operation is scheduled for Friday, October 14 from 12h to 14h.
Reservations on the SCOPIA platform will be impossible during this period.
Ongoing video conferences on the SCOPIA platform will be impacted, 30 minutes of interruption are to be expected.
Remember that Rendez-Vous platform is also available.
Thanks for your understanding.
The Visio team.

RENAvisio is a self-service videoconference bridge service for the RENATER community. In addition to planning videoconferences, RENAvisio allows one to instantaneously

(one click) reserve resources for a conference. In addition to IP videoconferencing, RENAvisio allows access to voice and video by phone or RNIS.

To access the application please log in!

Videoconference best practice

Log in 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.
Take care that all participants are well centered.
Be careful of lightening (try to avoid back lights).
Please mute your microphone when you do not speak.
  Please raise your hand when you want to speak.
Put your microphone optimally and speak in the same way as if your interlocutor was in the same room as you.
For personal visioconference, use headphones to get a better result.